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It starts here, Limitless strives to educate, motivate, energize and assist you to achieve your goal whether it's being more fit, running your first 10 k or even introducing you to a group of healthy active friends.

Start here, to change your lifestyle, to have a new hobby, to learn more, to share and to dive into a new world with new challenges and experiences.

Starting is always scary but not with Limitless. It's not all that hard to start; we are here to listen and give you a start that you will never forget..

Although there are many reasons for people to start running like:

“Running makes me feel free” – Ayaka Bou Abbas, or

“Running cured my asthma” – Aziz Mathkour, or

“Running is my stress reliever” – Aziz Ismael, or simply

“Running is good” – Ahmed Azemi

They are all true but let’s talk about why YOU should start running?

1- You can shift from low to high load without any equipment

2- You can run anytime, anywhere (if you can stand the weather), you don’t need special equipment or a specific place

3- It strenghtens your heart (volume per stroke) ….

4- It improves your blood circulation (hemoglobin count) ….

5- It improves the efficiency of your lungs….

6- It helps you lose weight ….

7- It will boost your memory, run and be smarter.

8- It keeps your bones healthy and strong even as you age.

And many more LIMITLESS reasons…

Now that you know this, lace up your shoes and let’s go for a run…


1 – Medical Clearance

It might not be necessary if you have no health issues but it is always worth the shot to consult your physician if you are going to change your life style and it will enable your coach to design your training program accordingly to suite your special conditions (if any).

2 – Setting a goal

This is purely your call, weather it is losing weight, keeping your blood sugar/pressure under control, finishing 5km without stopping, completing your first full marathon, keeping a healthy/active lifestyle, or simply just being a part of a crowd of happy positive runners.

Whatever your goal is, we at Limitless will be SO HAPPY to help you reach it and unlock your limitless possibilities.

3 – Gearing Up


As we said, there are no equipment required to start running however you will need these basic items:

1- Wearing proper running shoes.

2- Wearing proper clothes suitable for the weather condition.

3- Running app (the majority are free and easy to install and use on your smart phone).


  1. Headphones
  2. Watch
  3. Compression socks
  4. Foam Roller


1) Running Groups 

Depending on your convenience (location/time) you can choose the running group suitable for you. If you can’t find one, start coordinating with one of your friends. If you can’t find a friend you can do the “abduction” trick! Join a running group, hook up with a runner with similar location and time schedule as yours and arrange a run suitable for the both of you.

2) Running Tracks

Virtually, everywhere can be a running track! But let’s go through the famous “running tracks” in Kuwait, just in case you want to be in the presence of many other runners or you want to enjoy the facilities:

- Alshaheed Park

Facts: located in Kuwait City with a track length of 2km in phase I as well as phase II

Pros: very soft Tartan flooring, beautiful scenery (unbeatable), free parking

Cons: curvy track which can affect your pace, not suitable for long runs, can be very tough when it’s humid

- Sea side

Facts: It stretches from Shuwaikh to Bidaa area but the most common part is between Marina Crescent and Scientific centre as it is a continuous track and full of facilities

Pros: if you love the sea, that’s your track, the best for long distance, free parking (except for the Scientific centre area)

Cons: Can get very cold and windy in the winter, a bit dark at night, a floor of interlock concrete is not the best, crowded on the weekends

- Mishref

   Pros: Quiet, one of the long circular track

   Cons: Polluted area

- Boulevard

   Pros: Nice green views

- Tracks in residential areas

If you are already “on the track” and you have been running for a while then you know if it’s “your thing or not".

If you would like to go to the next level then it is time to move to the next section “Pick Up Here” 

Running is one of the most “natural “sport activities to a human body and you have been doing it from a young age.  So, if you do it right, there should be no problem! So, let’s go through a few precautions that will prevent any possible injuries:


1) Medical Advice: as we discussed earlier, even if you think running is easy, your physician may have some restrictions that you need to consider…

2) Warming Up: is necessary to prepare the body by heating up the muscles, preparing the joints, and raising your heart rate…

3) Right Posture: Although this should be natural, but unfortunately with the lifestyle we have (long hours working at desk jobs, hunching over phones checking emails and updates on social media), our sitting/walking/and running posture is a little bit off. By running right, we put the “load” on the right places with each heel stroke.

4) Stretching and Cooling down to return heart rate and breathing to normal levels, to remove waste products from the muscles (lactic acid) and to prepare the muscles for the next exercise session.

5) Hydration: Stay hydrated to prevent heat-related illness such as fatigue, nausea vomiting or fainting.

6) Have a healthy well-balanced diet.

7) Don’t skip rest days.

8) Practice strength and cross-training workouts.

Common injuries (if you do not follow the above simple tips) are:

1) Plantar Fasciitis: an inflammation in the bottom of the foot.

2) Achilles Tendinitis: inflammation of the Achilles tendon

3) IT Band Syndrome: inflammation of the tendon that connects the knee to the hip.

4) Runner’s knee: a pain just below the kneecap

5) Shin Splints: Pain in the shin area

6) Ankle sprain.

7) Muscles pull either in the hamstring, quadriceps, calves or groin.


Running is much better in groups! Running with a buddy can push you and your partner further and make the workout more joyful and it becomes a “hang-out” with your friend. In the running communities, you get to learn huge amount of new information, you get to know runners of your level who have the same issues as you, faster runners who can teach you a lot about improving your technique, and new runners whom you can help and pass on your knowledge and inspiration to them!

In Kuwait for example, there are running groups that train almost every day during the running season and twice a week off-season.

1) Q8 Run Club (Instagram @q8runclub) – All year long, every Monday night at 7:30pm in front of Babel Restaurant in Salmiya

2) Friday group run– All year long, every Friday morning in front of Marina hotel in Salmiya (time varies subject to weather conditions)

3) Runfie (Instagram @runfie) – Saturday mornings in front of Starbucks Marina Crescent in salmiya (time varies subject to weather conditions)

4) P5M (Instagram @p5m) – Sunday nights at 8pm at Alshaheed Park in Kuwait City (Seasonal)

5) Ignite by PUMA with the Burrow Gym (Instagram @ignitekwt) – (Seasonal)

Stay up to date with all running activities by checking our calendar