Duration : 3 months

Location : India

105.000 KWD

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Mental fitness is a collection of coping skills, behaviors, thoughts, and emotions that helps athletes to master the discomfort and stress of the athletic experience by increasing tolerance for perceived effort and by reducing the amount of effort at any exercise intensity.

In a race, the job of the muscles is to perform.  The job of the mind is to cope, but the muscles can only perform to the degree that the mind is able to cope.  Therefore, endurance sports are a game of “mind over muscles”.  The only way to become really good at coping with the discomforts and stresses of endurance sports is to experience them.

Brace yourself and do not lose your appreciation for how intense the suffering felt in races.  The more discomfort you expect, the more you can tolerate, and the more discomfort you can tolerate, the faster you can go.

Setting time have an effect on endurance performance.  You should set a timing goal that seem reachable, but barely so.

Letting go, the flow state where you become the thing you are doing.  Where your focus is directed externally from the task at the hand, which distracts you from your suffering, allowing you to push harder and perform exceptionally.


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