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Hamideh Fard

5 years of experience
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Black belt holder in Karate (Shotokan style) Dan 2.
First place in Running competition in Kuwait (2010)
Second place in girl’s Karate championship in Kuwait (2008)
Personal trainer for girls in China for 3 years.
Yoga teacher in China for 2 years.
Working out professionally for more than 5 years and being engaged with sports for more than 13 years.
I once weighed much more than what I weigh now, but embracing sports and adopting a healthy lifestyle have totally changed my life.
When working out became a habit,my body started changing, and I started loving myself and life way more after getting in shape.
Many people might not be happy with their body shape or life style, so I hope by joining my class people will be able to see how beautiful life can be when they get in shape in groups and compete with others in a positive way.


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