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Certified 200hr YTT from Bali, Indonesia.

Styles of Yoga : Hatha/Vinyasa


I’m a fitness enthusiast and an advocate for living a healthy lifestyle by trying to eat what fuels my body well and exercising regularly. I practice many different sports but have always profoundly enjoyed practicing yoga and considered yoga as an essential part of my workout especially after lifting weights and needing a good stretch. So I incorporated yoga into my daily routine and I have been practicing for more than 7 years.  

Eventually I trained in Bali to become a certified yoga trainer to teach yoga but more importantly to continue having a healthy lifestyle and model that to my daughter.  

Practicing yoga contributes to a person’s well-being and I am passionate about showing that in my classes.  


The class is wonderful, the view exceptional and the instructor guides us to improve our condition, I have attended two classes and both have been very different, but always wonderful, I am very motivated with the Group and the class. Thank you Limitless for creating this space for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
13 January 2019