At Limitless we believe in the total fitness concept, that is, striving for the highest quality of life including the mental, psychological, and physical components.

This is how the “loop” works. An active lifestyle not only affects your physical condition, but it will positively enhance your mental and psychological health, bringing benefits to your whole life.

We have our own running, cycling, fitness, and meditation groups, and we invite people to join in for free and get the sense of the group vibes. But hey, why stop there? we want to take these vibes to you, here, at limitless.com.



Limitless is a complete resource for runners.  We offer training programs, guidance, and provide discussion platforms as well as information for our sport events.

We all share a common enthusiasm for sport that is contagious!

Limitless will make you healthier and Stronger



Like the starting horn at a race, we want to be the “Go!” that gets people exercising for a better life. At Limitless our goal is to give everyone a reason to exercise.  Our mission is to help and inspire you to take your body, mind, and spirit to new levels you never thought possible.